Okay I just got an Original Dunlop Cry baby wah pedal for christmas and I've had many problems with it.... One of the rubber knobs that raise the pedal off the ground have already come off and I have to pratically stand on it to make it turn on and off.... do you think that they will replace it??
you seem to have gotten one of the ones that has a hard switch. not all of them have that though. and to top it off, a broken foot.

return it if you can, if not you will have to just deal with it or ebay it and get another one.
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Most crybabies are really hard to press, what you need to do to fix that is open it up, take the switch out, and shave down the plastic washer (I used sanding paper) thing until the switch is easier to press.

The rubber foot thing might warrant a replacement though, if it does, get a Vox.
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