Can someone tell me why when it comes to scales, mainly pentatonic, and stuff in books and on the net they very frequently only show one of the shapes? They never seem to show the other 4 boxes of the Pentatonic scale. Is there any reason for this? See a book at school had this same thing lol I just don't understand it.

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The book I have shows 5 patterns for the pentatonic. In fact all (or most) of the scales in the book at five patterns. It's called 'Monster Scales and Modes'.
ya... that really annoys me too
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I'd say its probably because some books want to keep you away from just learning the box shapes.

I can't say for sure without seeing one but I'm guessing that those books teach you all you need to know about scales and then you have to apply your learning. For instance, if the book tells you exactly how the scale is formed and shows a pattern as an example then its up to the reader/player to apply it to the rest of the fret board.

Probably a better way of learning imo. Too many people get stuck in the boxes and although they know the shapes, they don't know what notes they're playing.
It's because they aren't "boxes" - the idea is you use that initial pattern to familiarise yourself with the intervals used in the scale, but work out the rest for yourself. The scale repeats all over the fretboard, that first pattern ends on the octave, so that gives you a point to start the scale again. You should at least have enough basic knowledge to find every instance of any given note on the fretboard, and that's all you need to know to play the scale anywhere once you know the initial shape. Besides, you learn things much more effectively if you've worked them out for yourself.
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