so i was playing my faithful acoustic and came across two chords, pretty much the same but sound cool as heck

------------------- -------------
------------------- -------------
-----11----------- ---11---------
-----9------------- ---9---------
-----x------------- and ---7----------
-----7------------- ---x----------

you can pretty much play them on any fret as long as the fingering position is kept thae same but it sounds was to cool to not be a chord. anyone know what they are?
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The first chord is just B and F#, which is just a typical B5 power chord with a doubled root one octave lower.
Yea and the second is just an Esus2
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The second chord is E, B, and Gb, so it's like an E minor chord with the third flatted again...


chord looks like an Eadd9.
in other words its a 5th on a 5th.

7 is a powerchord

and the

11 is another powerchord

its the same sorta chord used alot by the police (think every breath u take and message in a bottle)