Ok to start off with im a Newb when it comes to chord theory. I have no clue what the circle of 5ths is so id appreciate some help. Also i tries reading about chord and scale relation and it doesnt make sense to me. Here is what i think i understand so far.

A C chord is taken from the C major scale, the way that the C chord is found is by taking the root,third and fifth. well the root,third and fifth are all on the A,D and G strings so why do we also strum open high E and the first fret on the B string? Im really confused so any help would be appreciated.
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Because all those "extra" notes are also chord tones - extra "copies" of the notes of a C major triad: C, E, G.
as is my understanding, the actual notes in a (open) c chord are from low to high:
c-e-g-c-e. While just using the c-e-g from the a,d, and g strings would make a compelte chord, the extra c and e notes make it fuller.

Yeah, think of a chord in terms of notes, not just what frets or open strings you play on the guitar.
You can throw in a G on the Low E string to to get it even fuller sounding.
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To be honest, it is very hard to picture triads on a guitar. You should picture it on a piano, as it is clearer to see the intervals and the workings of the chord. When you get onto inversions you will understand why it is much better on the piano
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