Hey guys, know any under the radar bands preferably thrash/speed metal (there are too many metalcore and death metal bands in the underground)?

Some I suggest you check out:

Betrayer - Power/Thrash metal
Black Stone Cherry - Speed/Classic
Agent Steel - Thrash
The Ruffians - Power/Classic/Speed
Cage - Speed
Black Steel - Speed

Flashback: Forgotten bands/albums that are in need of a ressurgeance.

Power Metal (album) - Pantera (before CFH, 1988) - Thrash/Speed
Raven - Speed (influenced many thrash bands along with Diamond Head)
Flotsam and Jetsam - Thrash (Newsted's previous band before Metallica)
Exhorder - Post-Thrash (The band that Pantera uses its sound from CFH on)
Tankard - Thrash (Beer and Metal what more do you want?)

try the rec thread bro

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