righto, im auditioning for the jazz band at school. i dont really listen to jazz, it was either that or the concert band or the choir.

so i was wondering what shoud i play. im self taught, playing for 2 years.

i can play stairway(not solo, not paitent enough), Sweet Child O Mine Intro and Solo until the fast part, Californication, Enter Sandman intro (heh who cant play that). I guess im still a begginner, but im the best or one of the best in my year.

and can you reccomend me some jazz artists and bands?

oh yeh and what am i in for?

thanks UG,

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Wow, seriously, you need to think about it before you decide to audition for a jazz band. Playing Stairway to Heaven? Enter Sandman? Seriously, it's called a brain, God gave it to you to use it.
thats, not very good. ur going to have to practice, u should learn some theory previous to trying out. and you should learn how to read sheet music
i usually hate Hal Leonard books but they have a good Jazz Method book out. it teahes you jazz theory, voicings, common progressions, and there are about ten jazz standards in it to. play a chord melody version of Orinithology and you will definately get the gig.

I would learn at least a bluesy or jazzy sounding song. Honeysuckle Rose is easy, so is Road Song. You are probably going to be only playing rhythm so learn the chordr to a jazz standard.
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