Hey guys!

Looks like I may be relocated soon, and I need to get rid of a few things to lighten the load.

So, up for sale is my entire Guitar World Collection. Some great issues here with great tabs and lessons. All magazines are in good condition, if not better.

Let's start at $8 an issue (shipped)....the more you buy, the better a deal I can give you as shipping doesn't cost me as much.

December 2004: 100 Worst Riffs, Licks, and Solos
Holiday 2004: Green Day
January 2005: Los Lonely Boys
February 2005: 25th Anniversary: Greatest Moments
March 2005: Dimebag Darrel (A Tribute to Fallen Guitar Heroes)
April 2005: The Virtuosos
May 2005: Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin)
June 2005: Nirvana
July 2005: System of a Down
August 2005: Audioslave
September 2005: The Edge (U2)
October 2005: Hendrix at Woodstock
November 2005: Keith Richards
December 2005: Dimebag Darrell Tribute
Holiday 2005: "The Album that Changed My Life"
January 2006: Master of Puppets (Hammet/Metallica) ----SOLD
Feb. 2006: Jimmy Page and Jack Black
March 2006: Randy Rhoades
April 2006: Joe Satriani
May 2006: Pink Floyd
June 2006: Tool
July 2006: Red Hot Chili Peppers (John Frusciante)
August 2006: Punk Rock Special
September 2006: Slayer vs. Zakk Wylde
October 2006: Reader's Choice: 100 Greatest Guitar Albums
November 2006: Lamb of God----SOLD
December 2006: Tom Morello (Audioslave)
Holiday 2006: My Chemical Romance
January 2007: How to Shred
February 2007: Holiday Reader's Poll: Zakk Wylde, Jimi Hendrix
March 2007: Van Halen
April 2007: Special Tribute to Fallen Heroes: Rock in Peace

Contact me with any interest! Thanks!
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What payments do you accept and what currency is $8 in?

Probably US dollars since it says he is from Arizona.
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Probably US dollars since it says he is from Arizona.

eeh, sorry im a bit tired today... but i still need to know if he receives money orders, cos i dont have a credit card or anything...
already got all those issues. bummer.
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already got all those issues. bummer.

heh i dont have any, i didnt really start buying magazines til lately and yeah... i bought other ones
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i'm thinking of getting the floyd one, but $8 is a bit much for a magazine

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Can you gimme some info on the Nirvana one and the Punk Rock Special?