So i've been playing for about a year, and am currently in college. Right now i just play guitar as a hobby, but am looking to upgrade some stuff.

My gear right now is a fender standard strat, and a Fender frontman 15G.

Im planning on spending about 300-400 dollars on some new stuff.

I feel that my guitar will suite me for now, but i want someting to get some better tone out of the guitar i have, yet still give me plenty of options since i still don't really have a style.

My questions is whether i should go for a processor or a new amp. Here is what i was looking at. But am willing to take suggestions.

Roland 30Cube
or any if the Digitech RP processors.

or should i wait a little longer and get an amp with a good clean and get a nicer procesor/good pedals?
I'd say, save up a bit more and get a used tube amp or something like that.
If I were in your place I would get the Vox, I recently bought a RP250 just for headphone practice and it works fine for that but I wouldn't want to use it as my primary source of tone.
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I'd say, save up a bit more and get a used tube amp or something like that.

If he's living in a dorm even a small tube amp like the valve jr is probably too loud, depending on the people near him. I'd only get a tube amp if I knew that I would be practicing with a full band.
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either the pod or the vox ad.

the vox will pretty much do what you want, with a knob to make it quiet enough for dorm use.

or if you have your heart really set on using a processor for your tone, get the pod. which can also be used in the future with another amp if you want,
but later in the future you may or may not want a processor, so i would opt for the here and now and get the vox

edit: a valve junior would definitely be too loud. pretty much anything tube at ALL is too loud for a dorm. unless your neighbors and RA are REALLY cool fellas.

i stick by the vox even further.
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since your im a dorm what if ya got the ad15vt (samething as 30 but less wattage and i think a 10in speaker instead of a 12) then sell or trade in the frontman and use that plus the money left over from the smaller amp and get a multi effects processor to boot. Finally gotta reccomend ya try out the Digitech GNX series stuff can get some killer tones from it.
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10 inch speaker to an 8 inch speaker. and no wattage attenuator in the back. (but honestly i keep mine at max and use the Master for a Master, i dont think you get 'better tube tone' by using the wattage control as a master. and its a pain because its in the back)

effects turn to crap when you run them into a modelling amp. so going out and getting a multi fx would sound worse than a straight up distortion pedal, so the only thing you could do with the multi is use the modulation effects. which makes it mostly a waste of money, and they dont take modulations very well either. you should get either a modelling amp Or a processor, it just depends which one you want more.

my 3 cents
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So the Valve junior is really too loud?? but it's only like 5w tube, thats 10w normal right? Cause couldn't i get that witht the podXT? Would i get a good variety of good tones with that?