I just got a Fender Cyclone and so far im pretty happy with it, but if anyone was more experianced with it can you tell if theres anything i need to watch out for.

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I just got my cyclone yesterday.
im so pleased.
it was set up nicely straight outta the box. the actions a little higher than what im used to, but i can already feel that it plays and sounds way better than my peavey piece of crap.
apparently it has a tendancy to go out of tune if you use the whammy too much, but what guitar (without a godawful floyd rose) doesnt.
oh, and the low E buzzes like a motherbitch when you proper have it.
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mine doesnt go out of tune, and its no floyd rose
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I like the classic Mustangs better, but the cyclones I have played I like as well, they feel nice.
Plus it looks like you got it for a pretty good price and in pretty damn good condition!
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I prefer the mustangs TBH, but cash restraints made me opt for the cyclone.
and its nice to have the humbucker for a little more versatility.
Im uberhappy with the cyclone though. its a little smaller than my other guitars, but the neck is a dream. it makes my other guitars feel like shit.
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I would love it if they swapped the pickup arrangement around on a Cyclone (put the humbucker in the neck and single coil in the bridge). If it did it would be my dream guitar