I recently bought a morley bad horsie wah and when i have my amp on clean i get huge amounts of wah and its bloody awesome but as soon as i flick it over to distorted the amount of wah drastically decreases and i get a fair bit of feedback...like a rumbling sound. I opened it up and all i can see is a circuit board. I think the wire going to the output jack needs to be resoldered but i cant access the jack.
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if its a distortion pedal, try switching the sequence you have them in, that happened with my delay pedal and the distortion pedal. not sure if thats it, but its something to try
Plug in your distortion/overdrive/whatever you use to distort the sound before the wah.
Generally, the wah should modify your already distorted tone. The thing that worries me is the feedback... check your inductor.
Try to acces the loose wire on the input if what they have reccomended doesnt work.
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But the sound changes with distortion before the wah, sounds more like a gain boost/wah. Not as natural sounding.

What you might need to do is get an output buffer for your wah, to make it work with more gain.
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