Some a-hole in my dorm decided to mess around and shower my classic guitar, not too expensive at all but thats not the point. ive emptied it of the water it had in the hole n stuffed it with toilet-paper, removed the paper from last night n stuffed it with more paper. what are the chances of it surviving?
well for starters obviously do all you can to get the water out, and dry it.

in the soaking (and the time after that) the wood may have warped, which could affect the tone, or how solid the guitar is, or both. if you can see any sign of that (i.e. it sounds slightly worse than before, plays differently, etc.) you may have to take it to a guitar repair place or guitar store or some place where it can be given a check by a professional, and see if any subsequent repair needs to happen.

and last, but not least (depending on how much pride you have), get that a-hole.
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ya ill be sure to get him, if i find out who it is.. people are such cowards first destroying property like that and then not admitting to it.