I recently got a squire telecaster and the bridge on it sucks. i want to get a fender bridge for it, but i have noticed that the screw holes are different. mine has 2 screws on the neck side and 3 screws on the bridge side, but fender ones have 4 on the bridge side? will this be a pain to fit the new bridge? i don't mind drilling new holes, but will the current hole placement interfere? also, this bridge is not through body, but thats ok, i can just get some string ferrules and whack them in the bottom. i guess my question is, will this work without too much difficulty?
You'd probably have to check with the bridge off (Unless it's really obvious) and see how close the old holes are to the new ones. If they're really close you'll just have to fill them and then drill the new ones. Which isn't very hard at all.

I'm not sure about the other stuff.