Aside from the 50 being louder than the 30, is there any difference between the two?
I want a nice practice amp that will last me... well - forever!!

Should I save up for the 50, or should I just buy a 30?
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Saving up for...

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buy the 50. it has celestion speakers.
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bassier. just has more of a punch to it.
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Typical budget celestions that you'd mostly likely want to swap if you're going to use it for serious band practice. It's a 12, rather than the 10 found in the 30.
they both suck. The AD50VT is inordinately bassy or really thin, and the AD30VT comes with a crappy speaker that sounds like it's farting if you have pickups with any type of appreciable low end.
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get the more powerful one. for example, i love my cube 30 but i sometimes wish i had bought the 60.
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