I got the new version last night....dont think I like it...

Maybe its just a user error but cant seem to get the library to look like it used to with previous versions-instead it just has thumbnails of all my albums that I can play.

Anyone tell me how I get a list of all my artists on the left where I can just select individual tracks from different albums etc on to my playlist?
i think it's much better
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I don't think you can, I think you can only get the thumbnails =\

Yeah I'm a lot more comfortable with WMP 10 rather than 11 as well. Everything's laid out in front of you, easily accessible and easy to search through.

Another thing that really annoys me is how when you close wmp you lose the tracklist you had up. Like... say I was playing a bunch of songs from different artists, if I close it and re-load it I've lost that tracklist. In WMP 10 it saves it.

Also, in 10, it tells you how long your tracklist is when you're playing it, 11 doesn't. YOu have to stop the music to see.

EDIT: That being said, it's taken a while to get used to but I kinda like it now.
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I hate the thing. It might look good but the usability is awful.
I got MP 11 and a day later rolled back to MP 10.
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Yeah the same thing happened to me, I dont mind 11, it just takes some getting used to.
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I really like 11.
I go to the library
set it to "songs"
and thats how I go through everything.

It's just as easy for me.

and honestly, I usually put it on the mini mode and pick songs out of my My Music folder.
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I hated it at first... Now I dont really mind it.
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yeah ive always hated when WMP upgraded. It was too much of a change from the previous one. So i just kept the older version. But, then one day i got another computer that had Musicmatch on it when i bought it. So, i got Musicmatch for my other one too, and now i love it more than Windows Media.
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I still can't get 10 to bring up a single artist list rather than Contributing Artist and Album Artist

Whats up with that?

I preferred 10 when I got 11, and I've wiped my harddrive since then so I just never get 11 back.

Plus I have to download SP 2 before I can get it anyway, and it always seems real hard to get on my computer for some reason
WMP 10 > WMP 11

I've been thinking about switching back to Winamp, but I probably won't.
I've never been a person who pays much attention to my music player, the default is WMP11, but it pisses me off because i can't just put it on shuffle and play for some reason, and I can't work out how to use it. At least with iTunes I understand it.
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