I see your broken soul, alone inside the concedeing walls
A mystery thats dead to me, with every lasting breath i breathe
Frightened in the light, what i may dream tonight,
I Key to my own lock, my own place inside where i was lost
I see your off an light, wishing for darkness to consume your mind
You're all alone, your shining eyes just wont let go
Wish it well wish it right,you better not die tonight
your mind, in bind, you cant trouble your heart this life
Wish it well, wish it right, wish that wish everynight,
soon...to be gone...

No wonder im gone,felll to deep again
Capes cover up my eyes, an break the sound of despair in
All living questions gather in a melting pot
no wonder i'm lost, fell in the Spiral of thoughts
Rays of chaos an trust, burn through your eyes
No more slaughtering , and stealin the lives
You wont have to turn your back this time
The alter life

Breathe in, a missing coat of feathers and ice
Running through the summer, an giving the prize
Selfish, alone, you feel so cold, the stamina burns through every bone
A flock, of higher atonement, it's lost in forever, but give it a moment
A altar of formality, a little lie to keep it at ease
Nothing is fallin in the right places anymore
i just can't give up i have to set it right,
So, wish it well, wish it right, wish that wish tonight


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