Timing is a little off, but I'm guessing recordingproblems....Kinda Maiden-riff....cool man
it's a nice accomplishment after 2 years of playing.
sounds like megadeth!

i liked it, good intro , great riff, and an ok solo, im gonna give it a 7 out of 10
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A good example of great homegrown music. I love making my own original music, and this reminds me that I'm not alone. Only negatives are flawed timing, and the recording is uneven. Drums need to be brought up, and/or guitar volume needs to come down.

Nice shot, wikner.
thanks for the comments maiden and megadeth are two of my greatest influences and favorite bands.
when it comes to music i wanna make something melodic and catchy but on the sime time ruff and a little trashy.
i've been working with cubase for like a week, and this is like the second recording iv'e done. it's all very new to me. nice you liked it =)
Reminds me of like, Powerslave era crossed with Megadeth...
Good shit man, just keep working on the timing. I like the chugging progression you have, it flows and echoes but is fast and paced. Nice work overall...
It's like a dark instrumental to me. Would be a middle of album type thing.
*shrugs* I don't know...
the intro is good
the solo has a strange part on it but is still good
it does flow well
BUT where is the end? I hate musics that should continue but suddenly stop!

Apart from this anger part, you play quite well for a 2 years guitarist, but you have to improve your timing. that's noted specially in the begining of the music..
I did enjoy it.
hands down.
Hey thats a pretty cool song, I like the riffing before the solo alot, the solo needs some work but is a good start. 7/10

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