What are active pups and what do they do?
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Also, active pickups can give you better EQ control - i.e., the ability to add bass or treble rather than just using tone controls to roll off treble as you would in a passive circuit.
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they are active... they exersice and stuff... they arent lazy ...

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they use a battery, have most o the time more output. and yes most of them are made to suit the harder types of music. though EMG also has a jazz pickup, they come in single coils as well as humbuckers and have a pre-amp wich is the one needing the battery. just search on www.EMGinc.com for more info they are pretty much the market leader on these things.
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whats a preamp?
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^ Something that provides power to the signal and tone coloring before the power amp section.
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seymour duncans make active pickups too. I havn't tried either though so....... don't ask me