wanting emg sets or seymour duncans!!!
need good quality ones though!
fire at price or trade for something? anything at all!
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dude above me i really want a seymor duncan (dimebag) humbucker. for my guitar any1 im willing to pay
well sd, mainly the jb sh4, but most high gain 1s that most metal bands use (bfmv, trivium etc) but not a dimebucker cos they suck!! tried and tested. and emgs, active set that sound kick ass...mainly those!!
ive got your emg's man

ive got a 2 81's, a 60, and an 85, aswell as a SA

ill wired em up however you want- save for switches.

if ya just want the pups it will be around 170 shipped n wired to w/e you want. thats for 2 hums. if ya want the sa in there- 220
im in uk, but yea im lookin for like 81/85 set. im pretty noody with wiring but cud have a go lol.
well let me think bout it n i will get bk 2 u matey
^ ive got the 81/85 set

and ive wired many of sets of these things

you probably only have to connect 2-3 things depending on the guitar- and weather or not the wires holes are large enough
^ wired up with pots 170 shipped to us- well work it out if your out of country

and i need the money..and you dont have anything i really need to trade for- im pretty set on gear.