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and there are how many threads like this?!?!?!?!?!?! like at least a hundred...ill say chet atkins, brad paisley, derek trucks, and eric clapton...each of them are the best at what they do
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Its hard to choose between Slash, Kirk Hammet or Dimebag

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John Frusciante sucks

well hes good but hes definitly not the best ever. maybe right now.
herman li/kirk hammett
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This is almost as stupid as when someone thought there might be a UG warehouse where all the tabs are stored.

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I hate these because they are so hard. Id have to say Django Reinhardt, Joe Satriani, or Tom Morello. OK, I know Tom Morello isnt the most technically skillfull guitarist, but the stuff he does is so good, yet still simple. They are all geniuses. But there are so many other guitarists you could also say, but I guess Ill have to go with those guys.
Of course the bassist thinks frusciante is the best but thats just because he's in a band with flea, lol. Silly Bassist. And where is this rumor that guitarists are condescending coming from? IMO page and hendrix are the most influential (not in that order) But as far as skill Buckethead is the fastest and cleanest (and also very humorous) as far as best toutch I have to go with Gilmour, because the second solo in Comfortably Numb is the greatest solo ever and makes me shiver everytime i hear it. And if anyone says john mayer is the best guitarist i will personally hunt them down and donate a testicle to them.

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I can't call it between Clapton, Hendrix and SRV.

To be fair, the greatest ever guitarist is either Clapton or Hendrix, I don't think you can argue with what they've done for guitar playing. I think the best though is probably SRV.
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Stop Saying Jimi Hendrix We all know "But he's the best ever, He made clapton want to stop" I agree Hendrix was amazing and influential and everything else and I love his music but try to come up with something more original
there are many greats but i would have to say... myself

but seriously Dimebag, Jimmy or Kirk
Randy Rhoads
The Big Three

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Have a ****ing cookie for that. He's one of the few who could ever wear the title of "The Guitarist" A funny looking guy with short stumpy fingers whose technique is taught to thousands of guitar students.
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Just move it around the fretboard
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Stop Saying Jimi Hendrix We all know "But he's the best ever, He made clapton want to stop" I agree Hendrix was amazing and influential and everything else and I love his music but try to come up with something more original

Jimi Hendrix!!!!!
ill have to say there is no best guitarist.there is not a contest beetween anyone and every guitarist shows what he learnrd from others. stop making "best ever" threads because nobody can judge that.

jimmi page.
i made a thread about this subject a while ago, and i dont think there really isa "best guitarist of all time." its a matter of opinion, but if you picked a style of guitar playing for guitarists to compete in, there would be a best guitarist for each particular style.
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Herman Li, John Petrucci. I can't see how anyone can say Hammet... But i'm happy as long as no 12 year olds come in with, "Mick Thompson".
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John Frusciante - The Greatest Guitarist EVER
Slash or Page
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