Okay the title explains it, I need a bass. I'm officially/unofficially in a band a few don't have a bass player, and well I have been kind of selected bass player. I am think of a bass between $200-400. Will that buy a descent bass? Also I would need an amp, or should I buy a starting pack with a small amp?
don't spend less than 150 bucks man. and make sure you have the right kind for your style. If you want slap, don't get a eb-o, if you like jaco, a j bass is a good idea. but i'll give a rundown of good stuff for a good price for the 2 main sounds.
gibson eb-3
fender or squier p-bass
gibson or epiphone thunderbird

fender or squier j-bass

ibanez gsr200fm
squier mb-4

whatever you do, don't pay too much. it's your first bass. dont spend 600 bucks on it(though you seem to have recieved that memo already). dont buy it because it looks good- if you wanna look good onstage, get bono glasses or something. don't go fretless. it takes enough time to figure it out with no frets. make sure you have a good amp.

don't buy a dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well i was gonna say get a Warwick or a Lakland but not with that budget. Maybe a Yamaha?
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Fender P- Bass looks to be a pretty versatile bass, I mean, I see lots of bassists use them in bands.

However, if I were you, get a nice bass amp, and borrow a bass from someone. Its alot easier to borrow a guitar than an amp IMO.
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