Yup, check us out over there, and hand some crits, please. I know we don't have the best looking site, but it's coming Give the music a chance instead I would be truly grateful if you did!


Oh, leave a link with your own band/material too, and I'll give it a go.
thts some kick ass stuff, is that a girl singer cause if it is that is amazing (same if its a guy)
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Thanks for checking us out, glad you liked it!

We have one of the guitarists doing the growl, and the other vocals are performed by a girl.

And if you really do like it, check out the rest of our songs, located at the site found in my sig. Grateful for every crit we get!
Really tight sound and makes me want to headbang. I love the fusion of power metal and more of a melodic death/metalcore sound. Really good. Overall, one of the best bands I have heard on the ultimate guitar forums. If you were from the same area as me I would buy a cd and go see you live. I added you as a friend on myspace.
man i tried to do it by myself but im a newbie on myspace so im sorry please you do it
i think you guys are awesome but personally i cant get in to screamo but for a screamo band you guys have awesome guitarists
It's pretty offensive to call them screamo,whether you like them are not. I thought you guys were awesome, but I would like you better with male vocals on the melodic parts, the girl is very talented, but I think it would be better for the band overall if you had male vocals, you could probably even have both.
fist full of hate: nice...actual good recordings!!! i like the guitar tone and the snare tone is ****ing sweet! the screaming is pretty darn good too! The music is a little generic it sounds like something i would hear on head bangers ball...but also sounds good enough to be on it haha.

wow female vocals thats unexpected.... there good as well. deff one of the best bands ive heard on this site ever!
Hey man, thanks for the comments on my band. I like ur stuff too. Got some pretty nice riffage in there. Not as keen on the female vocals as the screams though, but thats just my taste man.

Keep it metal


That girl can sing well, i dunno about the screaming or what you want to call it, i aint reeli into proper deep screaming but i love the riff on fist full of hate, anyway the best of luck to you
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