Took this over a week ago and finally got it uploaded. Its just me in mah bedroom doing a modal sweep and then a solo thing. I mess up in the middle, thats why I do the 3 string sweep twice :p. Let me know how far along I am at sweeping and if you think that sweep sounds good. I'm in C# and its a G# locrian sweep. I have gotten a little better at sweeping since then...

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hey i liked it, pretty original seems like to me, good job
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It's original. It might sound cooler if it was played faster, too. I know sweeping is kinda hard but if you practice you can get it pretty fast. You have a good technique, so you could probably get it going pretty fast with some practice. That could probably be made into a cool riff if you incorporated tapping, more distortion, harmonics, and a couple other things. It sounds like a pretty cool sweeping pattern, though. Check my stuff out, too.