Hey guys, I just got this brand new Epiphone Les Paul and brought it home and started to tune up. I immediately noticed that it has really bad fret buzz and on the first 2 frets on every string when you fret it it doesn't make any noise cause it keeps hitting the frets wrong or something. I think the reason is that the strings are all too low but I tuned them up and it still happens...please help me out with whats wrong. If the problem is that the strings are too close to the fret board (which I'm pretty sure that they are) then how would I go about fixing it? Thanks a lot for the help on this one guys.
well the action (distance between the strings and the fretboard) is too low like you said. look on the bridge, you will have to adjust the bridge (i.e raise it) i think.
how do you raise the bridge? is it something that isn't too hard or will completely **** up my guitar or should i bring it to a guitar shop? by the way I have a Bigsby whammy bar thing connected to the bottom
if you think its the heigh. undo the strings quite a bit, if you think its the height and adjust the hight of the bridge, making sure both nuts are tightend as near to the same as possible. by the way only adjust the tuneomatic closest to the neck and if you think it might be to tricky, or think youll **** it up just take it to the shop.. they should do it for you
alright thanks guys, i think i'll just take it to a shop and let them do it and show me how its done so i can do it next time