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Is there a sound in Fruity Loops that sounds (almost) the same as a real piano???, and if so, where can I find it???
I find it kinda weird that a MIDI program like GP can create a somewhat realistic piano sound and that I can't find one in FL

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What the hell is fruity loops anyway? Isn't that a Cakewalk thing?

If you're doing MIDI then you need softsynths to maintain sounds from one program to another. Otherwise, you're going to have this issue in every program.

You should be able to use the softsynths in each of those programs.
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Quote by PooKoo
The fl keys plugin if you've got fl studio 6.
I use it, and I think it sounds okay if you add some reverb. If you want a sample, check out my song in the original recordings section.

Hey, that was cool
where do you download those fl plugins???
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In my FL Studio 5, it has the FL Keys plugin.. I find it to have a pretty ok tone, not perfect obviously, but if you fiddle with the settings and such you can get it sounding decent.
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