This is a little fragment of an idea that I wrote out of request from someone named....guess what?....Courtney. Once again, I intend the ideas of each song to flow together, so it may not seem complete. This part of the album is focusing on the problems of the main character.

Cmaj9                   Em
Well we laid out in the night
Am7               Em
To catch a fallen star
Cmaj9                   Em
Well we laid out in the sand
Am7                    Em
Waiting for the rising tide

Amaj9 (A, C#, E, G#, B)

A, F#m, Bm (x2)

Oh somewhere far away
Over the rainbow,
Across the sea,
Why aren’t you with me,

A, Amaj7 (x2)

A, E7, A7, D

D, Bm, F#m, G (barre)

D, A
Where are you, Courtney Lynn?

Somewhat of a side note if you want to get a better grasp of the song:

When I wrote the song, I had the wall stuck in my head, I was thinking of the trial.

"Crazy, over the rainbow, I am crazy."

And this is a concept album which does in part deal with insanity, though, the "distance" between the main character and this "Courtney" is physical, it's mental first. So over the rainbow applies here, in my mind at least. Also, I'm a supporter of allusions. However, rereading it, I don't think it flows well with the rhythm. I'm thinking about rewriting it. I might allude to the wall instead of the rainbow.

On the topic of style, I'm planning on having a multitude of styles on this album, I want this song to be very dreamlike, no guitars, except for the intro with acoustic guitar, and a jazzy guitar solo near the end with a wah pedal and some type of chorus effect, maybe flanger or just a straight reverb, the rest is going synthesizers, one set to some dreamy, flowing setting (something that flows in and out of itself easily), and another on strings, and bass, since my bassist can only play bass, and I'd like to get some very light, barely audible drums in there with a slight echo effect. The lyrical style was inspired a lot by a band called guster, one of their songs, called diane, made me want to do a "name song".

My ideas for the music were very much inspired by the music on Peter Gabriel's 2002 album, Up, except the intro, which was inspired completely by Death Cab for Cutie, the intro was actually supposed to be in a different song, but I didn't like that song, and I didn't like the intro to this song, but I loved the intro to the other song, so I smushed them together.
What is it about my songs? they just kind of go unnoticed
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i like the start, the chorus or whatever the part with the rainbows has been done before, ''over the rainbow'' is very unoriginal. Just my view.
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