apparently, me mum was on the fone and all of the lights on the belkin router went off, and now it's dead. the internet still works (duh) but if you bypass the router, i.e. wall>modem>pc.

the plug and that's ok, i checked, so its something inside. its about 15 months old and i got it from PC world. i rang the number on the website, but they only want to sell you things, the 'pay as you go' help line is 1.50/min! but thats ok as 'calls will last no longer that 20 mins' 30 quid! i could by a new fukin router for that.

sooo, what do i do? take it back to pissy world, will i get a refund/swap, or will they just try to take all my (Parents') money?

or do i take it to a local repair shop, and get it repaired.

or is it ****ed forever, and do i have to (get my parents to) buy (me) another one?

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Kick up a massive fuss around the manager get really quite passive agressive and i'm sure the staff will bend of backwards to help so they won't look bad in front of there boss.

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hmmm....perhaps i should razz them up a bit instead...just for the hell of it
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Have u tried turning it off and on again?

Sorry, I just had to be a dick. The same thing happened to my router but its always a problem with the people that provide our line (orange....bastards). And my suggestion wasnt that annoying, it might help to reset it, should be a button for that somewhere. Theres always a chance that after 15 months you've knakcered it.