any advice or anyfin given thanx

Let me tell you a story bout this friend of mine,
Just calm down ill tell you in time
He fancied a girl a legend in my mind
I listened and learned, watched to find
That I loved this girl and I got entwined
Now me an this girl became friends in time
But she unrequited soul to find
A ride across the friendship threeway

Now mates she had and friends she took
But T took the brunt and he carved his name
With love and I was just a friendship front
She returned no favours
Just a slippery trap followed
A ride on the friendship threeway

I found no way round a friendship freeway
T in my way, the way down
But the crash came and it was T that found
He plays for the game
And backed off not tame
But the unknown legend of the tale
Gave me a ride on the friendship threeway

But im still left with no one around me
No battles won and nothing gained me
Just her name
That leaves my love growing still the same
Playing a game, to wait till it ends
Not to be given a ride on the friendship threeway
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