What would the good people of UG advise me to do. I have been considering buying the following pedals:
1. VAI 2- Bad Horsie Wah
2. The metal muff
3. MXR 10 band EQ pedal
4. Digital Delay 6

Of course, buying these = spending a fortune in the eyes of a university student (that's why i will not be buying them all at once). The questions i have in mind are:
1. In terms of versitality and overall tone, how would they compare to a Boss GT-8?
2. In terms of money worth, which will be more beneficial in the long run?

Thanks for reading, .
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geeze dude......just go play them all and make a choice.........u gotta play it. not anyone else....and if your worth your salt on guitar, you would never let anyone else choose gear for you
i personally think the gt-8 sounds like ass, so my vote is with the individual pedals, just go by necessity
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