So, I was just practicing guitar, had just tuned everything correctly.

Then suddenly, my high E string messes up. It jumps down almost a whole octave down to F sharp...

What could have caused this.
Lack of proper stretching, tremelo slipping. I honestly wouldn't worry unless it's a regular occurance.
Isn't the tremelo an extra piece of hardware on the guitar? I don't think I have one on mine...
Sounds like it wasn't strung properly and it's slipped at the machinehead.
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Well you mightent, but like somone said it may still have slipped off the machine head. It you don't stretch yours strings while/after restringing.
yep. a tuner can slip. also check that u are still in tune at the 12th fret.
sometimes intonation might be an issue.

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this happened to me many times before as a result of not putting the strings on properly. you are supposed to wrap the end around the post, under the rest of the string, and back above it before tightening (if that makes sense...)
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