Hey all,

I posted a question yesterday or so about the 65 deluxe reverb in comparison to the 65 twin reverb. I was told that it has a LOT less power, Just 22 watts. And the twin has 85. Been doing some more research and came across this one. ( Fender 65 Twin Custom 15 Guitar Combo Amp). This one seems to have the same amount of wattage, 85 watts,. Anyone has any experience with this one? How does this one measure up tp the 65twin reverb ? What are the major differences.
Sorry for askin so many questions but i need to know
It's essentially the same amp except the twin has 2 12" speakers and the Custom 15 has one 15" speaker.

Yesterday you were looking for something with less power than the Twin, weren't you?
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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haha Thats true, however, I looked into it and realized that the deluxe reverb really does have A LOT less power. So what the heck. I might as well go for more power. I I justy wanna know what the major differences are in terms of sound. Between the 65 and the Custom one.