I got 2 boxes of a hifi instalation (both 120 watt) and I want to build a amp for our singer (until he has saved up for a small PA).
but I don't know how I have to do it.. any sugestions?
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If the two boxes you have are power amps, then you need a mic preamp, into which you can plug your mic, then plug the preamp out into your power amp. To use both power amps you could get a stereo preamp, but I'm not sure if they make those for mics (I have a stereo guitar preamp, so they do exist in one form or another). You also need some PA speakers, hifi speakers which can take 240 watts would be fine (best to use speakers a bit above the rating of your power amp). Any speakers which are transparent enough would be useable. Do not use guitar speakers, as they colour the sound a lot.

If the two boxes are integrated amplifiers (ie are preamp+poweramp in one box) you shouldn't need a mic preamp, and would just need some speakers.
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