How long are Ashdown going to be selling the Fallen Angels for because i've heard they are stopping them and would i be able to get good punk tones out of it?

who knows? musicians friend was selling the head for $430, so I sent in an order, which less than 24 hours later was "discontinued". I'm STILL waiting to get my cash back, btw. but now they have them back up for sale for $650.

I'm glad I didn't get it. I've heard nothing but bad things about the durability and quality of these things. they say the tone is good for the price, but don't be upset when it breaks in 4 weeks.
Yeah...they really are not the greatest. Plus for around the same price you can get a B-52 on musicians friend right now.
The FA's were great, only for metal though. Ashdown have discontinued them now though.
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