I got a line6 ux2 and alberton live and everytime i try and record somthing it gos into my pc about 1 note latter than i play it so when i play a second track the second track goes one note out of time.

I dont have any other programs running at the same time and i restart my pc b4 using it for best results but i still get this problem.

Anybody had this problem before or no wat mite help???

It sounds like you have quite a latency problem. Latency is the delay between playing the note and it coming up on your computer. I'm not sure how to fix it, a faster computer would help I think, but other than that I don't know. You could just move all of the second track forward to compensate for the delay.
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In Gearbox, go to Edit -> Preferences, then select the Hardware tab and click on "Toneport UX2 Driver Settings". In the middle of the new window that opens there's a slider that you can use to adjust buffer size. Drag it to the left to reduce latency. I have it set to the third notch from the left, and that seems optimal to me. Experiment with that setting.