Could anyone tell me what chords wyclef is playing in the song "Yele" ? it's an amazing song and i would like very much to play it. thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out
i think it is just four chords:
A | E | Bm | D
or it could be:
A | E | Bm | Bm

it sounds better if you play all barr chords

let me know if you can make any improvements on that

also, do you know anywhere that you can get the lyrics in phonetic form??
A E Bm Bm then A E Bm D Repeat

A E Bm Bm then A E D D

Chorus (Yele, Yele, Yele)

A E Bm Bm again A E Bm Bm

A E Bm D then A E D D
I think this is slightly more acurate. though the Bm n D are relative. The changes are deliberate. Quality reggae progressions are always like this For instance, u can't find much right Bob Marleytab cuz Even though it maybe a four chord progession. One will always get left out and another doubled up somewhere.
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Good luck with the lyrics