Hey, here's my cover of RHCP's Snow (Hey Oh) on acoustic with vocals!

Link in my sig.


work on getting hte guitar perfect before you start this singing. then going to the singing, you need to learn how to. not being mean but your tone is really bad and your off key often. join choir at school or get private lessons.
The vocals arnt amazing but there not the owrst vocals ever and the guitar seems like your playing it all right but u should try using a steel acustic that way it wont sound like your playing a ukulele as much!
Keep it up with a little practis it will sound really good!
Hey. You critted my Red Red Wine Cover so here I am returning the favor.

I gave it a listen and it isn't bad but it isn't great either. I would say you should pick it out but I know how hard it is to pick and I also know that it doesn't work very well without bass and drums because there are gaps in the guitar part of this song that need to be filled in with them. The vocals were decent but you have got to not rush it. Try to match the tempo of your strumming with your voice. It's not bad but you could definitely use some practice. Good job!

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