Hey, Ive been playign a year. I play on average 3 hours a day, I just have great difficulty finding things to play sure i can learn a song but i also want to do other things are there any things, liek scales you couyld recomend learning, when i hear of people playing 6 hours a day i just wonder what they do in that time i run out of things to do, any help would be great.
You should learn about harmonys and namign all the diffrent notes on the neck of the guitar if u dont no aobut that yet!
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I've allways been partial to the harmonic minor scale, and minor 7th chords.

I love m7th chords, because the 7th isnt as harsh as in a maj7, and it hasnt got a dim5 interval like a dom7.

Threadstarter, dont read that because it will sound like utter crap to you

Start with the major scale, and build it up from there. There are billions of lessons on the major scale, search and you will find some pretty useful ones.

Then try the natural minor, then pentatonics and then the modes of the major scale if you feel confident.

Sometimes what I do is just play the major scale for every fret on the low E, so I would start at G on the 3rd fret, play the major scale up and down, then move on to G#, do the same, then more on to A etc. Once I get to the 15th fret, which will also be a G, I would do the same thing with the natural minor and other scales.
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