Hey guys!

i'm in a sticky situation... so here i come to get your advice!

so, i want to try out an ibanez RG2550E, but i want to buy it new, and no shop has it. so i need to try it out. problem is, only ONE GUY has one in northern france, he's selling it, but i don't want to buy it, just to try, before getting it shipped by another online shop.

sorry if that wasn't clear, my english isn't that good. :S

so, i need an excuse to tell him after i tried it for not buying it. i think i'd say "i'm not ready to play on a guitar with a vibrato."

any ideas? thanks for the help
just buy the second hand if it's in good condition?

if you don't wanna buy it, just say it doesn't suit you, blame it the thin neck or something
Doesn't your online shop have a return policy? Buy it anyway, and if you don't like it, return it.
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It doesnt suit the music you play well? or do what i do " Ill give you a call"
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Neck feels too thin, prefer singe coil pickups, frets too big...
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well, i'm buying it in USA : it costs 700€ over there, and a father's friend who works there can bring it back for free, wheras it costs 1000€ new in france... the guy sells it 680, so i prefer getting a new one... and i prefer building my story with a guitar, i will never buy a used guitar... call me strange ^^

i'll probably say the neck is too thin, and the tremolo thing.

keep the excuses coming guys it's cool!
I was in a car accident and lost my left hand...so I can't play.
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Say you have recently come into a cash flow crisis and are unable to pay him, if he asks why you have come into this crisis tell him to mind his own business...he can't ask questions.
Problem solved
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Wait, you want to buy the guitar from a man, just to try it out, then return it, so you can buy the new one? is that right? if so just tell him your hand fell off ina tragic masturbation accident
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Usually stores (if the item isn't too expensive) let you order something without obligation to buy. If not, then you've just got a shitty customer service store.
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Wait, you want to buy the guitar from a man, just to try it out, then return it, so you can buy the new one? is that right?

yep, that's right!

and i can't order it to return, it, because i'm ordering it in the USA, and it's a coworker of my father that's bringing it back..

so i really need a good excuse.
sa you have AIDS, and are going to die
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You could say that you've suddenly come under financial hard times.
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well, i'm 16, so "coming across a financial hard time" would seem kind of wierd. but i appreciate the suggestion

keep them coming!
well 16 year olds dont tend to have alot of money so say you need it for something else and are unable to buy a new guitar

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Just say its not what your after.

'theres something about it i dont like, i cant put my finger on it, but its there'

That way he cant ask questions
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