LMAO your thread is owning UG.
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No, I played this...it isnt that great. Everyone I know has been like "Man, try the G-400! It's the greatest! It's like the SG!!!!" So I tried it out at a store and to me, it was nothin special or anything like the SG...
you guys are quite the help dono wat u mean by the thread title wats it matter
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the G-400 are excellent guitars for 400 dollars, and if you like EMG's go for it, it's neck heavyness isn't so bad, you just have to adjust your strap, my strap doesn't slide around anyway, and i have played an SG with it, so you're good to go, if you like it , get it, play a G-400 to see if you like the feel, play a guitar with those EMG's to see if you like the sound, just make sure to try them on the same amp, and that the guitars are the same body wood
I don't see what's the big deal with his thread, but that guitar looks excellent. It has EMG's, mahogany body, and set neck. GREAT GUITAR for the money.
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Personally, I like it. Buy it if ou really want it
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anyone play this? like it? got anythign to say about it? i been wishn for an alipihne white sg jus like it, and it has emgs. wat now. thats rockin. would it be good?

You've been here for over two years, and still haven't figured out how to use the SEARCH BAR or REVIEW SECTION?
To the threadstarter, $500 seems like a good deal for that guitar. I had a Goth G400 and it played pretty well (although I didn't like the neck-heaviness). I'd probably get a Godin Freeway EMG instead ($570) but that's because I like Godins more .

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I don't see what's the big deal with his thread

His thread title is the link to the guitar's webpage, which is a really long address. The front page of www.ultimate-guitar.com has the 5 newest threads on the forums. Since the title was so long, he made the front page really wide .

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You've been here for over two years, and still haven't figured out how to use the SEARCH BAR or REVIEW SECTION?

I would say that 99% of the reviews are useless.

"OMG, I got this new (insert item that they just bought and haven't really gotten used to yet here) and it is soooooooo amazing!!!"
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I like g-400's. I suggest them.
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check out the esp ltd viper 400, they have it in alpine white, w/ emgs and imo it's a lot better built than most epiphones.