Hey everyone, I found a site a little while ago that is really great for bands just getting started out and trying to get their names out. It includes a forum so you can ask others opinions and questions, tons of articles written by people who know about these kinds of things about anything from how to put together a press kit to how to have a great live performance.
This site really is one of the best things I've come across recently as a new musician. I highly recommend joining it and helping the word get out. It seriously is a HUGE help because it was created by musicians, for musicians
check it out

Band Focus
Quote by Docherty88
aye, good to see more and more sites dedicated to getting band noticed

i agree
i'm just trying to get the word out about that one
last time i checked it had 20 members

I also forgot to mention they have a monthly battle of the bands in which the winner gets a spot on the home page for a month (which means plenty of views from people all around the world...which is always a good thing)