Well Iv been listening to the same stuff over and over and i need a change, I like the style of what I have now Im just getting a bit sick of it, so here goes what i like;

QOTSA (only have songs for the deaf :?)
OLD SKOOL RHCP (What Hits? = best album I have by RHCP)
SOAD (toxicity is the best IMO, b-sides next - marmalade, metro etc)
Led Zeppelin

Acoustic stuff such as Clapton (hey hey, layla etc), The Drugs dont work - the verve

you get the idea?
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you tired stuff like the foo fighters? ther quite QOTSA-ish. and mastodon r gd. progressive metal. imagine the offspring of muse and soad.
Tool, Satriani, Bob Dylan, Buckethead, David Bowie, Dream Theater.
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incubus for sure, i think you would like a crow left of the murder album from what ie gathered of what you are listening to now.
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Yes...tool, do you have all the other system albums? If not check them out.
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Cream arent really Clapton's more known style, but they were his first band, so check them out.
And you might even like The Darkness.

And this is kind of a bet, but check out Rush
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race toward an early grave.

Ben Hamelech
The White Stripes
The Funkadelics
Frank Zappa
ZZ Top
Duke Ellington - If it sounds good, it is good.
i have the darkness & like them, i have all the system and Shadows collid-frusciante, thanks for the suggetions, il check 'em all
I'm so unique I don't even have a sig.
hmm, kyuss.

get a bunch of stoner rock if you like QOTSA

and the sword are really good.

oh, and you like zeppelin.

try out the John Butler Trio. now.
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Get Jamiroquais "Return of the spacecowboy" album. Funky as hell, great band, great bass player.
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hmm, kyuss.

get a bunch of stoner rock if you like QOTSA

exactly what i was thinking. you'll probably also dig ISIS.

I'll also second mr. bungle. they happen to be my favorite band at the moment and i'm happy this whole forum is starting to pick up on their awesomeness.

screw incubus, there is way better music.

An addition of my own: estradasphere.
and to add to the isis suggestion: Pelican

also if you like Mr. Bungle then you should get Mr. Patton's new band's cd. Peeping Tom.
Ahh, old-skool RHCP? Now, that is good!

Check out the song Take Me To Your Leader by Incubus; pretty similar, and that's coming from an old-skool RHCP fan too!

If you like that, check out the album it's from.
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listen to "My Bloody Valentine" if you want something fresh,poppy and you dont hear every day.
Otis redding
DJ shadow
Wu tang
miles davis
brian eno
The unicorns
the talking heads
The avalanches
the fall
joy division
frank zappa

some stuff I have recently put on today, the whole point of me having an ipod is to listen to stuff I wouldnt normally, so I try to balance it 50/50.
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
The Mars Volta, X Clan, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Opeth.

Bolded and italicized for awesomeness.
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listen to "My Bloody Valentine" if you want something fresh,poppy and you dont hear every day.

i love em but he won't