uh...third finger.
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doesn't matter, i usually use my pinky, but my 3rd finger if i need to do a suspended note of some kind
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I use my third finger, but it really doesn't matter.

Oh and wrong forum. Questiosn like this belong in the "Guitar & bass basics" forum. Also, welcome to UG!

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Ring or pinky? Hm, well if it's something like 533 then I use both of them and if it's just something like 53 then the ring finger only.
I use both.
After you practice some you might want to try it....its a little better for your wrist when standing up and playing.
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Either one. I use the pinky when I'm gonna slide my index back and play what I call a "Lynch chord"...a four fret span.
As mentioned it's purely your own preference. However, there are certain circumstances that require different fingerings.

Say you're to play a E 5th chord:


And then were to drop the root down half a step whilst still fingering the 5th:


It'd be a logical idea to play the chord with your 1st and 4th finger, thus allowing more flexibility. Although, some players, like myself, may be able to manage the stretch whilst still fingering with 1st and 3rd fingers. So, for comfort reasons the 1st and 4th fingers are advisable for this chord, but it's still at your discretion.

The second circumstance would be if you were to play an E5th chord and were then to change the chord in one of two ways:


G|---      ----
D|-9-  To  -10-
A|-7-      -7-- 
E|---      ----


G|---      ----
D|-9-  To  -9--
A|-7-      -10-
E|---      ----

In this instance, using the 1st and 3rd fingers is a requirement as you need the 4th finger spare to hit those notes a fret up. In the second example you'd only really need to use your 4th finger if you were quickly reverting back to your original E 5th chord shape.

Also, including the octave of a root note in a 5th chord would also require the 4th finger:


Hope that helped somewhat. Good luck.
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