I'm trying to decide on what gauge to go with for my Gibson V http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q131/CrossHairSB/guitarVpics013.jpg
Its time for me to hand it over to this luthier I know for a complete set up which includes a new nut. When I mentioned to him that I wanted Zakk Wylde's .060 strings put on there he warned me that it may harm the neck. Anyway I kinda have this idea that I'd like a heavier E,A and D string so when struck by themselves or together they are heavier and more powerful... know what I mean? I can't say I'm a detuner kinda guy and am almost afraid to tell him to set it up at Eb cuz I know I'll prolly have to tune it up to learn some songs. Guess this is all I got for you right now, just could use some help deciding what key to have it set up at and whether or not thicker gauge strings are more suitable for the heavier chugging rock. Thanks for your assistance
Thicker strings will produce better tone, but Zakk's .060s are very extreme, try something slightly less...mental, like a set of 10s or 11s at most, on the guitar in my lap right now there's 11s and that currently tuned to C#, and it never goes higher than D, so if you dont want to detune i'd say 10s are about the heaviest you'll want, that's what i have on my standard tuned guitar anyway.
Yeah go for 12-52s. Thats what i use and i wouldnt ever get anything else. But if your like me, youll just buy multiple guitars and have each one in a different tuning. I have a Drop C, C#, Drop D, and two standard guitars in my house.
Hey sorry if You mentioned your tuning but the post was that big I couldn't really keep up with it. But if you want E standard and just heavier response for certain strings you could try a mixed gauge set. Infact actually you could do that with the other tunings too. Experiment experiment,,,,just not with .60s , those things will break your neck clean off after a while
if you want to play in standard, those strings are just too much. you might try one of those hybrid sets like 10-52 (think i'll get those) or, since you have a gibson (shorter scale) you could get maybe 11's hybrid set if you can find them.
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I've tried everything from .9's (pointless) to .13's. In my experience, the really heavy low end strings, like, ending around .58, is pointless. On my Strat and Epiphone's, those gauges sound like total crap. Even with a higher action. I've settled on .10/.11-.52's. .52 is as heavy as you need, and no so heavy that it causes problems with your action. I've actually noticed the .46-.52 gauge sets have a better low end, because they seem to have slightly more treble and a more aggressive tone. I might be crazy, but I have certainly noticed this.
First let me say, "nice guitar"
Secondly i would suggest using 10's for now,
But im currently using 13's
i think they rock best thing to do is try em out see what u are most comfortable with
have a good one
rock out