Hey guys, this is a video of us performing a song called "Feels like Forever" at our last show. I'm the guitarist on the Left (The chubby one). Enjoy, Russ
p.s. Crit for Crit as always.


p.s.s. There is a part where it is very noticeable that my G string has fallen out of tune. Oh Well, it's just part of playing live.
Thank you
I cant hear much of what the singer is saying but he sounds on key, im not gunna lie at first i thought it was going to be quite lame but then all of a sudden BOOM man when the whole band came in i loved it and love the main riff and the iron maiden ish guitars its a cool twist.....Overall I really like how tiight the bass is to the drums the rythm guitar too along with that sounds good, your drummer is very good too overall you guys sound realy good together and very solid and its a plus that your music is right up my alley.... If you wanna crit mine its the topic called song: in the dark...you dont have to if you dont want tho lol
The intro sounds messy and you should use your bridge pickup for it because it sounds too trebly.

Cool riffs with the distortion.

The singer sounds pretty out of tune in a couple of spots.

Overall, it was a good song, but I think you guys should work on executing it perfectly.
First off, fire your singer today. Tell him Dutch Apples said Happy Valentine's Day.

Secondly, I don't know if it's the recording, but this is very sloppy. I would be embarrased to show people a video of this. I couldn't understand the singer at all when the band hit in, not to say I couldn't understand him in the intro either. Some okay riffs here, but nothing special.

Also the guy in the white shirt (bassist?) Looks a lot like a guitarist a used to work with. He has the same stage moves but the guy in the video is a little bigger.

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First off, thanks for the crit. I, also, thought it was gonna be kinda lame at first, but man, those distorted riffs are awesome! Also, a little trouble hearing the singer, but all in all pretty sick.
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Yea the recording quality soundwise is pretty crappy, but i think u should make a good audio recording of it. what i could make out sounded great so keep it up............thanks for the crit btw