Ok, I am trying to learn Master Of Puppets...I am practicing the first riff...
(and I really need to learn how to alternate pick and palm mute together...But im getting there...:\)

Anyways, Yea, the second part:


I cant do the sliding part at the end because whenever I do it, my guitar slides around because maybe I am gripping it too tightly..? (by the way, im playing sitting down...)

And the same problem with the sliding in this part:


So is there any way I can prevent the sliding problem?

And does anyone have any tips in general for this song?
(It's hard, & yes i know I'm noob...)
Plant your thumb onto the neck, and use your wrist to slide. I reccomend seaching it on youtube and observe others playing it.
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well, first of all, all of master of puppets is down picked, the only part where theres alternate picking is in battery.

and with the sliding, it just takes practice to nail it, although it is easier the lighter you grip the neck. a year ago, kirk hammett did an interview with guitar world, and he played a couple riffs off master of puppets-including the title track-, and i'm pretty sure someone put it on you tube, so you might want to search for it.

an additional tip with mop is to practice with a metronome, and practice slowly. it takes patience, but in time you will be playing it like hetfield.

hope this helped
you can downpick all of it... i think that would make plam muting easier too

for the sliding... are you sitting down when playing or are you standing up with a strap?

sitting down should be no problem because your body/forearm should hold the guitar in place

if you are standing up then...
1) maybe lower the action on your guitar? if your strings are high off the fretboard you probably push hard on the strings and then move the guitar as you try to do slides
2) look at your grip... i looked at mine and really only my thumb gives counterpressure to my hand hitting the strings

i guess find the right combination and you're set
I personally find it easier to alternate pick so I do that, you dont have to use only down picking, complete preference. As for sliding, when I first picked up the guitar I had no chance in hell playing this song so i shelved for a bit, once my skills got better it was very easy. So what i'm saying is you gotta give it time, you're obviously straining with it right now, hence the guitar moving and your wrist/hand is probably sore. In like 2 weeks it'll be easier and a month even easier etc...
part of the reason master of puppets is tough, and not only for beginners, is because of the rapid fire down picking required. It'll take some time for your arm to build up the endurance to keep it goin. The sliding you have to find what works best, when you do the actual slide you obviously need to relax your grip slightly, personally I leave my thumb about half way on the neck and let that do the sliding and I also bend my wrist slightly so the slide is fast and clean as it should sound. One major tip I received when I started was make sure your palm mutes are in the right place. Play it with all the correct mutes and the song sounds monstrous, miss one or two and it sounds like shit.
You can alternate pick MoP... it sounds the same for parts, I would suggest down picking all of the palm muted parts though.

Anyway, don't hold the neck so tight.
Helpful sliding tip- look at the fret you are sliding to, not at your fingers. You will land right on it every time.
You can alternate pick the the spider riff, i downpick the low E string (palm muted) and alternate with the A string (not palm muted), if you pick harder the A string and use more that the tip of the pick, it will sound like you were downpicking.

About the slide problem, i suggest you to use the index and pinky to fret.
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