Ok I'm looking for a guitar case that will fit a Jackson Dinky. Don't suggest the Jackson one because that costs $85 plus $20 for shipping. I don't travel or gig very much as I'm not that good yet so I basically want a case that I can keep in my room to protect the guitar from scratches and getting dammaged and stuff because its expensive. I like the coffin case but does that have a accesory compartment in it also thats kind of expensive for me. Also I bring my guitar to school but will use a gigbag because the case is to big for the bus. So if anyone could suggest one that costs like $50 that would be great.
Go down to your local guitar shop and get a standard guitar hardcase. It's not too hard to find. Try Gator.
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^^^ What he said

But if i was you i'd just get a decent wallhanger if you just want to keep it safe at home. It won't fall off, it's out of the way of anything that may run accross the floor, it takes up less space, it's alot cheaper and it shows your guitar off to people who come in your room. Pluss it takes less time to just lift the guitar out of the hanger than takeing it out of the case.
Thats a good idea I might just get a hanger because I've already got a nice padded gig bag that holds up really good and I use it every day.
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