I couldn't find one and since the Stones are one of the most important bands of rock, I decided to make a thread.

Personally, I wanted an actual TAB for Bitch instead of the UG one with the intro and the chorus written out in paragraph form.

So anyway, talk about the Stones.
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The Stones are one of the best bands ever. I love their music and their earlier stuff was PHENOMENAL! (I include Brian Jones and Mick Taylor in "earlier stuff")
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No one gives the respect that the stones deserve, people say they are over rated but then why are there like two comments in here. Led Zeppelin and all the other metal crap is overated.

Best stones songs
Every frickin song off Exile on Main Street
Every frickin song off Let it Bleed
Every frickin song off Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
Every frickin song off Sticky Fingers
Every frickin song off Beggars Banquet