Ok, so i decided to put some heavier strings on my strat i just got for christmas. I used to have normal regular gauge strings on it but when i tried to put the new 11s on and tried to tune the guitar the bridge started pulling forward way to much. It also will never stay in tune for even a second. Do i need to adjust something with the bridge or is something else wrong? Thanks for the help.
I just got new strings to downtune, so i got 11's. I would say that yours are too tight and you need to losen them, but i really wouldn't know.

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Your tremolo is set for 9's. If you want to use heavier strings you will have to tighten the spring claw in the back of the guitar and maybe add a spring.
Going heavier gauge requires having your guitar setup for it. Nothing major. If you can do it go for it. If you can afford it have it set up professionally.
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