hello everybody,

im looking for a very versatile tube amp. An amp that can get me that heavy riffery sound but can also swing a sweet blues tone. I currently own a Peavey Classic 30 but it just isn't doing it for me, just isn't heavy enough. The amp should be suitable for playing at home but should also be able to swing a small venue. Price range from $500 to about $1200.

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^I would recommend you not get the AVT.. they're not that bad, but they're hybrid and horribly overpriced IMO. Are you looking for a combo or stack?
I would suggest a combo because you wanna play it at home and small venues will gain from your amp being pushed!
What are your main influences?
Try a Peavey JSX.

Great clean channel.

Good older rock crunch channel.

Great heavy rock ultra channel.

Go try it out. About $1600 Canadian, though.
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Try out a Traynor YCV 50 blue, I have the amp and love it. Can get some gritty distortion and fat cleans.