Pretty much every band/artist has a big or expensive rig, you know guitars and amps... Its kinda expected in a way because you expect them to sound good and so on.
However after seeing jamie t recently i realised how unecessary this actually is, his live set up consisted of a squier strat with only four strings, a half sized acoustic bass and your standard amp. It sounded perfect though.
So is it really necessary to invest huge amounts into equipment....

Whadda ya think....
It just gives you more options, so if you can afford it you should but it isn't really a requirement.
I think "jamie t" probably sucks.
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I think "jamie t" probably sucks.

dont think too hard...!
I think it depends on the band's sound. A friend of mine in a blues band plays guitar, and has a nice blues distortion running through a clean fender deluxe and it sounds amazing FOR BLUES music.

However, the guitarist in my band has 5-7 pedals. We're more of a progressive-rock band, so Pat used more effects than say, a blues or jazz guitarist would.
It all depends on the genre. Do you think a metal guitarist would sound great with "jamie t's" rig?

Btw, what genre of music IS Jamie T?
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thats one of his songs,

i wasnt really aiming at the sound but more of the equipment used. i mean how many professional live acts use that kinda equipment. but i suppose what your saying is relevant. the euipment used is relative to the sound.