Can someone please tell me the strumming pattern for beauty in the breakdown by the scene asthetic, and please tell me the strumming pattern for over my head, by the fray. thank you!
haha i love that song its veeeerry hard to explain online but i say when u start the chord hit it kinda hard and then hmmmmmmmmm very hard request i dont know ive explained it in person! its alot easier i guess just listen to it and eventually it'll come
"I can't live my life alwayz worried about what if....
cuz what if i die tomorrow and i never even lived!"
could you make a video of it hhaha sorry. i know all the chords, and stuff, just the song is wicked hard to hear the strumming, over the singing. and the song sucks until i know the strumming. like is it down, down, up, down up? haha